Create the Best, Unique Law School Personal Statement with these 6 amazing tips

6 Tips for writing your law school personal statement

When it comes to writing personal statement many students have some concerns. In your law school personal statement your task is to write about your background and experiences in a unique way. The hard thing about writing this type of paper is that you don’t know what the admissions committee expects and wants to hear from you.

If you sitting down at this very moment, and can’t write a word, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many students say that they hate to write about themselves. The others tell ‘ I don’t know what to write about, my life is pretty boring, there is nothing special or interesting in it. They won’t be satisfied with my paper.’

Here’s the list of perfect ideas that will trigger your writing process:

You can also read the story of this person to get some inspiration.

Reveal your personality

Remember that the main thing about your personal statement is writing about YOU. Distinguish yourself among the other applicants. Before writing, take some time for self-reflection, think of the things that make you happy in your life. Write about something unusual, your hobbies, interests, the things that keep you motivated and inspire you. Don’t forget to mention the experiences that have led you to pursue the law career.  Professionalism and interesting experiences are the key aspects of your personal statement. For every student, excellent writing abilities are valid when it comes to education.  Show that you can organize your thoughts and deserve to be the student of prestigious law school.

Don’t make the associations committee get bored with a chronological order

Starting your personal statement from the day you were born is a complete mistake. In order to grab reader’s attention start with the most interesting part of your life. Of course, you can reflect your childhood, but only if its events are connected to some important goals or ideas that create your character.

Be honest

Writing about imaginary experiences you’ve never had is quite a trap. Be honest with the admissions committee, if your life doesn’t full of exciting event, tell them about your personal development and growth.

Name the reason

Many students forget about one simple thing that can cost them the enrollment to the law school. Name the reason why you’ve decided to go to the law school. Was there a person who inspired you to apply to the law school?

Be open to criticism

Before sending your personal statement to the law school, ask your parents, friends or relatives to give you an honest feedback. Sometimes they can give you some tips to make your personal statement more adequate.

Adjust to school

Every school has its own specifications and requirements, make sure you can meet all of them.  Adjust your personal statement to the school you choose and make it clear and without errors.

There are a lot of services that can help you to write the essay or your personal statement if you still have some doubts.